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 best things about Ethiopia

hi today i want to talk about a good things about Ethiopia.
 many of you think or know Ethiopia like a country where you can't find any thing to eat, where the peoples are starving to death but in the reality now Ethiopia has changed a lot in many ways the people get enough food to eat or clean water the country is now working to change the history of famine drought and poverty and i appritiate this.
OK now lets see the best things about the country i divide it in to top 6
         6 best weather condition
 Ethiopia is blessed with her nice anf friendly weather conditions not just me who say this but a lot of tourists can give their testimony about it the whole country experience an average temperature of 28 degree Celsius and that is so amazing for tourists and residents.

Today i want to tell you about top 6 things to know about Ethiopia.
first let's talk something about Ethiopia
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Ethiopia is country that locates on the eastern part of Africa well known for the amazing  archeological sites. Ethiopia is the root of human kind the fossil of Lucy (dinkinesh, it means you are amazing)in Amharic which estimated about 3.2 years. Lucy was found by Donald Johanson and Tom Gray on the November 24, 1974, at the site of Hadar in Ethiopia.
 lets take a look at number 6
      6 prepare to deal with the electricity problem 
In Ethiopia shortage of electricity become normal for the people and it shouldn't be a big deal if light goes off eventually when you are visiting around or resting in your hotel room, there is even period for cities and towns when the light will go off so the people is aware of it and prepare for that day and in that day the cities ill be full of generator noise and that is bad. even though the government is building a lot of giant hydro electric plant in the country the problem is keep going as a problem.
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 5 prepare to deal with the culture and norm of the country
Ethiopia is an ancient country with a lot of nations and nationalities and all of this nations and nationalities have their own culture and norm and they are strict when it comes to culture.
Because of the country is Ethiopian Orthodox dominant most of the culture of the country is religion related the population of the Ethiopian orthodox tewahdo is about 40 percent of the total population
even non believers are influenced by the religion. the church has a significant role in the civilizing the country and rule the country more than 2000 years.
most of the attraction of the country is the churches of this religion.
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 4 Get ready for mountain climbing
As it known Ethiopian one of the most mountainous country in the world and to visit the real Ethiopia it is required to climb mountains with elivation of 4400 meters
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3 prepare for freezing cold and heat wave 
     This is the amazing part of the country this country practices both freezing cold and heat wave. some people think because of the country mostly lay on the equator and it is near to Sahara desert the country must ne so hot, but that is not true the country practices both of it from the extreamly hot and beutifull region of Afar where the amazing dankali depression  found to the extremly cold region of Agew Awi   in the central and mountainous part of the country
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dankali depression

Agaw, awi
2 don't forget to book your hotel before coming

In Ethiopia the number of hotels is not enough except in the capital Addis Ababa and most of the tourist attraction sites are far from the capital so when you think about traveling to the country don't forget to book hotel like in the city of Hawassa, Bahir Dar, Mekele...
1 Don't forget to plan where will you go before your arrival
In Ethiopia there are a lot of places to visit whether it is relegous or cultural there are a lot to see. there are also about 11 historical sites which are registered in UNESCO. So if you don't plan fo your visit you end up worrying about which to visit and which not to.
         This is it for today like it if it is help full and don't forget to comment.

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